Quatrix is offering 35% off the CCTV Systems Sydney wide, call for a free quote today 02 8580 0336. Using the latest technology, cameras, digital recording systems and intelligent computer controlled operating systems, Quatrix can tailor a customised CCTV surveillance system and security camera installation for any building that is easy to use, powerful and cost effective.

We can supply and install CCTV cameras for internal and external locations with full high resolution images stored either on or off site for full image recall.

Quatrix can provide training for your staff to access and download recorded images from your Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and also annual maintenance plans to ensure your cameras are always operating at optimum performance.


IP CCTV is when images and audio from CCTV cameras are converted into data that can then be transmitted and accessed over a PC network or internet.

With IP CCTV systems, cameras work as an appliance on that network and images can be stored and managed from remote locations away from the local camera site. IP systems have also enabled the use of Megapixel cameras which have increased the quality of images to 3x greater than analogue.

Analogue CCTV cameras

Analogue cameras perform well across a variety of lighting conditions and manage motion well. Requiring virtually no maintenance they have a long track record of reliability.

However, because signals are transmitted along a coaxial cable, the same as analogue TV broadcast, their image quality is limited. Quatrix can help you choose the right camera for the right position and analogue cameras can be used alongside IP and Megapixel cameras to enhance any security system.

CCTV – Remote Access

CCTV systems can be linked across your IP network and give you intelligent remote management and therefore greater system functionality.

Stored images can be monitored, transferred and transmitted to IP networked PC’s or video phones. Some cameras can even be remotely maneuvered.

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